A* Pathfinding for Platformers

Created by: Clever Crow Games

Tile Legend

Line Legend

Time: NA Calls: NA

Tile Stats Overview

F = Calculated Total
Sum of the heuristic (H) and current step cost (G)
G = Step Cost
Total number of steps required to walk here from the start tile.
H = Heuristic Estimate
Heuristic uses Manhattan distance. Measures distance from current tile to the goal.
C = Clearance Value
Supported player size that can fit on this tile. Too large means it can't support a player and is therefore automatically closed.
M = Movement Type
Pre-calculated movement type for the tile. 0 = invalid, 1 = walkable, 2 = jump platform, 3 = jump up, 4 fall
MC = Movement Clearance
Movement clearance to calculate larger players moving through M tiles. Just like C tiles the players must be smaller than or equal to the MC value

Movement Rules

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